Do you think your Android smartphone has the best video and music player? If you are not using Playit Apk on your device, then you are not using the best. This is a powerful media player that supports all kinds of video and audio formats. If you think that this is only a media player, then you are wrong about that. This has many functions and features that any other media player do not have. Fortunately, this app is free for download. Playit Apk is a powerful lightweight easy to use media player for Android smartphones and devices.

More About Playit Apk Video and Music Player

Playit Apk all in one video player can play high-quality videos like 720p 1080p and 4K. Also, there is an address bar on the app that you can paste URLs. So you can play online videos on Playit using that. The Night Mode of the app can help you to watch videos at night peacefully. You can access YouTube and watch or download videos directly.

Playit Apk Download and Install

Here we are giving you the Playit Apk Video and Music Player for Android devices. Your device should be above the Android 4.2 OS. This is a very straightforward application to download and install. This site article only has the link for the genuine Playit Apk Download link. So there are no third-party modifications on this app because those could be dangerous for your Android mobile phone or device. Playit has an overall rating of 4.5/5 from its users. So most of the users worldwide recommend this app as a perfect video player for Android.


Playit Apk can fulfill your all needs in entertainment. There is an option to convert Mp4 to Mp4 using this app. In addition to that, you can stream videos live. You can enter a URL to the player and watch the video on that link using this player. • Playit has the ability to scan your device directories and find all the media files in them. Then you can play them on the video player. • If you want to work with other apps while playing a video, then the Background Play feature is very useful. • There is a floating play feature and you can adjust it according to your preference when you are using other apps. • Availability of Gesture Controls on Playit Apk helps you to navigate the functions like Playback Speed, Volume, Screen Brightness, etc. easily. • Single Playing Mode and Playlists for the best music experience • If you are accidentally unplugged the Headset video or music playback will automatically stop to avoid the inconvenience that you might get.

How to Install Playit Apk All in One Video Player On PC

If you want Playit on the PC then you can download the “.exe” file and install it on your Windows PC or Mac. But there is another method that is using an Android Emulator on your PC and installing the Playit Apk on that. So you can watch all the videos and Music on your PC via that. But it is recommended to use the .exe program on the PC.